Montessori for Social Justice

We Stand With The Mashpee Wampanoag

On Friday, March 27th, the anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower, the U.S. Department of the Interior ordered that the Mashpee Wampanoag (the tribe that welcomed the pilgrims) reservation land be disestablished. This crushing decision was made in the middle of a global pandemic, forcing the Mashpee Wampanoag’s leadership to divert precious resources from addressing the threat of COVID-19 toward fighting this blatant act of settler-colonial violence and disregard for tribal sovereignty.

Statement Regarding COVID-19

To the Montessori for Social Justice Community, First, we would like to acknowledge the difficult position many in our broader Montessori community are in as a result of the recent cancellations and travel bans. Choosing to close schools to protect the health of our students sometimes comes at a steep financial cost. We also see many in our Montessori community exchanging ideas for how to support at home learning, and are… Read More »Statement Regarding COVID-19

2019 Board Openings

2019 Board Applications Dear Friends & Family of MSJ! The founding board has completed the first two years of working together and we are now, officially, a 501(c)(3)!  Our board members have/had the opportunity to serve for 2 or 3 years terms. Some folx are ending their terms, and others are staying on. The current remaining board members will then work with and mentor new members in fulfilling our important… Read More »2019 Board Openings

Join our board!

Mission: We are a community of educators and parents committed to anti-bias anti-racist public and non-profit Montessori education as a vehicle for helping each child reach their full potential, providing educational equity, meaningful racial, economic, religious and special needs integration of students and families, building vibrant neighborhoods, towns and cities. Our Work: Over the last 4 years, Montessori for Social Justice has moved from an email listserv of 50 people to… Read More »Join our board!

MSJ Statement on the Election

Dear Montessori for Social Justice Community, The American election results have impacted our children, families, schools and all of us and in many different ways. The messages of hate that many of us heard during the campaign have become real and threatening. Some of us have felt uncertainty, fear, rejection, concern for our physical safety and the safety of our children and our friends. Students and teachers who are more… Read More »MSJ Statement on the Election

Our Big Work: Reflections on being Anti-Racist Montessorians

Tiffany Jewell and Laura Kraby, both Montessori elementary teachers, write the first in a series of reflections teaching anti-bias anti-racist Montessori. Tiffany: I grew up in one of the poorest cities in the country.  Our neighborhood of renters and elderly home-owners was filled with friends of varying shades of light and dark brown skin.  My twin and I lived with our white mom.  Our Black dad lived in Georgia.  Our public… Read More »Our Big Work: Reflections on being Anti-Racist Montessorians

Dismantling the Artificial Obstacles, by Joshua Vogt

Joshua Vogt teaches government at Gamble Montessori High School, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here is the graduation speech he was invited to give in June 2016 by the senior class. You can listen to his speech here. First I’d like to thank our class of 2016 for inviting me to speak at your graduation today. Honestly, what were you thinking? Actually, I am truly honored to be here today in this… Read More »Dismantling the Artificial Obstacles, by Joshua Vogt

MSJ 2016 Conference Keynote Speaker

The Montessori for Social Justice steering committee is delighted to welcome Darcell Butler as our 2016 keynote speaker! Mrs. Darcell Williams-Butler teaches lower-elementary at City Garden Montessori School in St. Louis, Missouri. She received her undergraduate degree from Washington University, and a Masters in Teaching from Webster University. She earned the Pre-Primary Montessori Certificate (3-6) from the Missouri Montessori Teacher Education Program (MOMTEP) in St. Louis, Missouri and the Primary Montessori… Read More »MSJ 2016 Conference Keynote Speaker

An opportunity to join the National Coalition of Diverse Charter Schools

Last week I spoke with Halley Potter, a fellow at the Century Foundation. Halley is the author of recent briefs including A Better Start, on the importance of racially and economically diverse preschools and A New Wave of School Integration, highlighting the 90 school districts and charter schools that are taking steps to be racially and socioeconomically diverse. Halley is also part of a group of educators who have created a new… Read More »An opportunity to join the National Coalition of Diverse Charter Schools

Advancing Montessori public policy, expanding access and equity

Katie Brown reports from the Montessori Public Policy Initiative Retreat in Washington DC. Katie is a Doctoral student in Urban Education at University of North Carolina Charlotte and a former Education Associate coordinating Montessori Education at the South Carolina Department of Education. Last month, I attended the Montessori Public Policy Initiative Retreat in Washington, DC. This gathering brought together leaders of national, regional, and state Montessori organizations to discuss how to… Read More »Advancing Montessori public policy, expanding access and equity